Store Policy

  • Products are Subject to availability

  • For every extra KG Cost of the product + Courier charges are additional.

  • Weight of the Shipment depends on original weight or  Dimensional weight ( which ever is higher).

  • Dimensional weight is calculated as (L X B X H) Cm / 5000 for Example a courier box with Dimension 34x34x21 Cm / 5000 = 4.85 Kg so it will be considered as 5 Kg Shipment.

  • Box Weight is Included in the Shipment Weight.

  • Courier Charges vary from Country to Country

  • Personal items are Banned in few Countries. please check with your countries import policies.

  • Duties & Taxes depends on the Destination country and must be paid by customers.

  • Courier mode Total Shipment Value must not exceed 25000 INR. & Total Shipment Weight must not exceed 70 Kg.

  • Chargeable Weight is calculated in half Kg till 5Kg and will be Calculated in 1 Kg from 5 Kg.

  • Minimum weight of the shipment will be calculated as 500 gramms.

  • Address Correction would cost additional depending on carrier.

  • Out of Delivery Area (ODA) additional charges depends on carrier.

  • Rates may be amended without any prior notice.

  • All International shipment claims are subject to the carrier conditions.

  • Please check for courier conditions of your country for more import and export policies.

  • Conditionals Apply.

Payment Methods